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Research Results

We were able to replicate the AWCH experiences in a significant number of subjects. We learned more about the experiential aspects of AWCH and about neuronal processes involved in such experiences. Because we took a very interdisciplinary approach and used a number of methodological tools, our results ranged across a number of issues. Follow the links to see more on the results.

  1. A hermeneutical and syntactical analysis of experiential reports by astronauts
  2. An art historical image analysis
  3. The precise characteristics of the environments and events that occasion such experiences
    1. The Virtual Space Lab: The first experiment
    2. Visual immersion: The second experiment
  4. A comparative phenomenology of the various kinds of experiences had by astronauts in space and subjects in the VSL
  5. The physiology and neurophysiology of these experiences
  6. A psychometric analysis correlating answers to various questionnaires to the phenomenological and neurophysiological data
  7. An account of how these factors are interrelated

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